MCCB DS1 electronic7 years text(1)




MCCB DS1 Electronic data sheets

Declarations DS1 400 to 1600


Technical characteristics:
– Rated operating voltage: 690V; 50/60Hz
– Rated current: 400-1600А
– Insulation voltage: 2000V
– Poles: 3 and 4
– IP code: IP>20
– Ambient temperature: -20°÷55ºС


Mounting: vertical on a smooth surface using bolts


– Wide range of auxiliary devices
– Easy adjustment of the elecronic device
– High reliability and efficiency
– High electrical and mechanical wear resistance
– Compact size
– Easy mounting and installation



– Control and protection of electrical installations

– Main breaker in residential or industrial distributing installations

– Protects heavy loaded electrical circuits


– Residential buildings
– Administrative buildings
– Commercial property
– Industrial applications
– Distribution boards
EN 60947-1
EN 60947-2