Isolated Cable Terminals


Technical Characteristics:


– Material: brass alloy with galvanic tin coating and insulated with polyvinylchloride
– Colours: offered in three main colours: red, blue and yellow, as each colour corresponds to different section of multicore conductor
– For multicore cables with sections to 25 mm2 for the cable terminals type „Е“ and 6 mm2 for all the others


by mechanical pressing using crimping pliers via mechanical pressing of the terminal and the cable.


– The insulation of the terminals protects from direct contact with conductive parts and adjoining connections
– Easy and quick mounting
– High quality and reliability
– Wide range of application
– Variety of options of terminals, as for each type, it is necessary to select the suitable pliers for pressing

– Connecting of multicore conductors without welding
– Mounting of multicore conductors in terminals and of switches,  thermoregulators, circuit breakers and other electrical devices


– Automotive industry
– Mechanical engineering
– Electricity distribution networks


EN 61 238-1